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MOBILISIS Makes a Study of the Future of Parking – Premium Mobility Solutions

In cooperation with Hrvatski Telekom and Alternativni modeli nabave d.o.o., a consulting company from Rijeka, we made a study called "Premium Mobility Solutions".

The main topics and issues discussed in the study are trends in the parking industry and analysis of alternative project contracting possibilities in the field of personal vehicle parking, based on service delivery. The study also includes cost-effectiveness and financial viability estimates of such projects.

You can read the introduction to our study and the very interesting research results below, while the entire study in Croatian and a summary in Croatian and English can be found on our website

Street parking, according to regulations in the field of utility management, belongs to utility services. The delivery of utility services, for the purposes of this analysis, may be entrusted to a private enterprise on the basis of concession or to a utility service company on the basis of the owner's (city or municipality) decision. It is estimated that the socio-economic cost due to additional time spent searching for a free parking spot, the consequent increase in fuel consumption, and additional greenhouse gas emissions in Croatia could be approximately 45 HRK daily per parking spot, or 18 HRK per effective hour of parking. It is also estimated that the implementation of a navigation and parking spot reservation system in the city centre, i.e. in high-frequency parking areas, could reduce this socio-economic cost by as much as 17.5 HRK per effective hour of parking daily. This shows that the application of Premium Mobility Solutions needn’t have a purely commercial basis. Instead, co-financing the project from the city budget (the citizens' budget) would be socially justified and economically rational.

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