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The solar Lighting  is an excellent choice if you need high quality and reliable light that is powered by a solar panel and can be installed at any place you can imagine

Key features:

  • Height of solar panels over 2.5 m

  • Solar panels made of impact-resistant tempered glass

  • Security lock for battery door

  • Access to street lighting electronics for very easy maintenance

  • Mobile application for adjusting the time and intensity of lighting

The ATB solar lighting product line offers high-tech, stand-alone solar lighting for smart cities. With high efficiency, built-in solar cells are very efficient. Even in the case of cloudy weather, low yields or indirect sunlight, solar lighting generates the desired amount of energy. Different configurations of ATB solar street lighting are available.



  • User-programmed operating time

  • Motion detector to automatically adjust the brightness level

  • Sensor for adjusting the lighting in relation to weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.)


  • City streets
  • Closed parking lots
  • Industrial yards
  • Parks and public areas

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