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RFID gateway is a contactless variant. It easily manages vehicle entering and leaving from a specific location.

Use is simplified by using a  card or sticker, antenna and Entrymo access control platform.

RFID gateway management media from the Entrymo product family, as a contactless variant, offer unlimited flexibility to enter and exit your car park. The RFID access control system consists of a card or label, a fixed reader with an antenna and an Entrymo access control platform. The card reader continuously emits a radio frequency energy field. Therefore, when the card enters the field, the power from the RF field drives the antenna from the copper antenna inside the card. The antenna is connected to the smart card chip. The reader antenna powers a chip that contains the ID number and all other information contained on the card, such as a unique client code or object code. This ID number is then sent back to the reader. Finally, the reader sends the card number to the access control system which will decide if the card user is authorized to enter. After the door lock or ramp receives this signal from the card reader, it can be opened using the unlocking assembly. In addition, employees will not have to worry about locking the door behind them as the magnetic locking system will do this automatically. This helps ensure that doors and other passages are secured after each passage.

Key features:

  • Access control system

  • Manages entering and leaving of car park

  • Consists of cards or labels and a fixed reader with an antenna

  • Saves data of events


  • Contactless

  • Employees do not need to worry about locking the door

  • Decides itself based on card or label if a vehicle driver is authorized to enter.


  • Outdoor parking

  • Indoor parking

  • Company courtyard

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