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Your career at SICK MOBILISIS

Realize your potential

At SICK Mobilisis, each individual grows together with the company thanks to work on innovative interdisciplinary projects and the attention we pay to recognizing their potential and individual preferences.


Our team is our greatest asset

Our work environment is adapted to people who prefer a relaxed but productive work atmosphere. By constantly meeting our employees’ needs and introducing new benefits, we raise their satisfaction and create a stimulating environment for innovative and successful professionals.


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Work-life balance

Multiple flexible work arrangements, possibility of hybrid work, fully paid sick leave and parental benefits allow you to achieve the best possible work-life balance.

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Staying healthy

Multisport card, paid lunch, general medical examination, and a relaxed work environment with gym on premise help our colleagues to stay healthy.

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Professional growth and education

Make use of your individual education budget as well as internal educational and career opportunities within and across departments to achieve your career goals.

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Bonus, budgets and rewards

We offer yearly individual and team building budgets, Christmas, Easter, and vacation bonus, as well as yearly and referral bonus.

Fields of interest

At SICK Mobilisis, we are always happy to meet motivated individuals who want to join our team.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced professional or just starting your career, send us an open application for one or more positions listed below. If none of them match your professional interests, name any other field that interests you and send us your CV.

If you haven't found a field that matches your interests, send us your CV.

Open positons
Cv send

Meet the team

Together, we shape digital transformation and develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Become part of our team!


R&D and IT


Product management, Sales & Service




Student corner


Corporate teams 

Route to work

1. Your application


After you submit your application, we will assess your CV.

3. Live interview


A live interview is an opportunity to get to know each other better. A member of the People & Culture team and the manager will provide you with additional information about the position, as well as assess your experience and motivation to work at SICK Mobilisis.

5. Welcome to the team!


We are happy to have you! To make you feel comfortable, we have prepared a personalized onboarding process with a buddy and mentor.

2. Telephone call


Expect a call from the People & Culture team to introduce yourself to us in more detail.

4. Psychological testing


The testing consists of a logical reasoning test, a personality questionnaire and a short English language test.


Corporate social responsibility

We apply and continuously introduce new family and gender-aware policies. We make it easier for our employees to reconcile private and business obligations and ensure the conditions for smooth career development regardless of parentage and gender. We are proud owners of the MAMFORCE Grow Standard, which confirms the high level of inclusion and equity of our corporate culture and ensures our reputation as a responsible employer.


People & Places

"Innovation, as one of our corporate values, is present in various aspects of our business and encourages us to always look towards the future. In order to successfully respond to business challenges, we pay special attention to the assessment of the potential of new team members. We highly appreciate individuals who are approachable, adaptable and accept diversity as an important part of our work environment. We encourage our employees' professional and personal growth, provide them with quality working conditions, and take care of their work-life balance"

Etelka Kožar - HR Manager

Send us your CV and cover letter and we will save it in our database.

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Supported files
pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, odp, odt, epub

  • How do I apply for a job?
    The application process couldn’t be simpler - you can apply for a position by clicking on Apply here on the page where the position is described. Enter your first and last name, e-mail address, add your CV and mark the box which gives us your consent to process your personal data. By clicking on Submit your CV, we will receive your application. You can find all open positions on our career page. If there are currently no open positions, or none that match your interests, send us an open application.
  • Once I submit my application, who can see it?
    Your application can only be seen by the People & Culture team of SICK Mobilisis. If we assess you as a strong candidate for employment, we will also share your application with the manager with whom you would potentially work.
  • I have applied for a position or sent an open application. What now?
    The People & Culture team will assess your application and contact you for a telephone call, or send you feedback by e-mail. You can learn more about the selection process on our career page.
  • What can I expect at the interview?
    The interview is a two-way conversation between the employer and the candidate, and an opportunity to get to know each other better. A member of the People & Culture team and the manager will provide you with additional information about the position, as well as assess your experience and motivation to work at SICK Mobilisis.
  • I was invited to psychological testing. What does that mean?
    If you were invited to psychological testing it means you left a good impression during the interview and entered the last round of the selection process. The testing consists of a logical reasoning test, a personality questionnaire, and a short English language test. Our People & Culture team are psychologists trained in conducting and analyzing the results of psychological testing, so don't worry - you're in good hands.
  • How long does the recruitment process typically take?
    The recruitment process consists of several steps. Following best practices, it is important for us to be efficient in this process, so we try to not make you wait for feedback more than two weeks related to each step.
  • What happens to my application and data if I am not selected for a position, or if I sent an open application?
    Whether you weren’t selected for a position or sent us an open application, your personal information remains stored in our internal database of potential employees for the next five years, and we will be free to contact you if a position opens up that matches your qualifications and work experience.
  • Is there a possibility to work remotely at SICK Mobilisis?
    Good work-life balance of our employees is very important to us, and flexibility is the key to achieving it. This is why we offer the possibility of hybrid work, which means working remotely up to two days a week, according to prior agreement with the manager. In addition to remote work, we also offer other flexible work arrangements.
  • Where does SICK Mobilisis have offices?
    SICK Mobilisis is the Croatian subsidiary of SICK. Our offices are located in Varaždin, at the address Varaždinska ulica – Odvojak II 7.
  • Do you have a question to which you did not find an answer?
    For any additional questions contact us via e-mail:
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