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(Detection vehicle parametars)

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Trajector is designed for city streets and roads, accurately detecting vehicle trajectory (speed, direction, following distance), as well as detecting scale of congestions.

Key features:

  • Reliable detection of queued vehicles, and the length of the queue

  • Reliable speed measurement 

  • Reliable following distance measurement

  • Reliable vehicle counting

  • Reliable driving direction detection

The system measures speed passing vehicles, substituting lidar or radar solutions.

Based on MagSense sensors – a 3-axis magnetic field sensor, and utilizing MagSense parking controller, the system provides accurate real time data. The compact sensor size enables its installation easily into the road surface.


  • Accurate detection in all weather and traffic conditions

  • Completely stealth system protected from any kind of external influence

  • Multiple traffic lanes controllable with a single device

  • Real-time visualisation of traffic conditions on multiple lanes

  • Easy integration with existing traffic infrastructure

  • In accordance with the EU Guidelines on “Invisible” Installations

  • Easy integration with other traffic equipment


  • Highways

  • Intersections and junctions

  • Roundabouts

  • Ferry ports

  • City streets

  • Truck stops and parking lots

  • Smart cities

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