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RPS (Radar Parking Sensor)

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Radar Parking sensor - RPS  is an autonomous, wireless and a compact sensor. It is used to detect occupied parking spaces which allows cities to easily manage parking challenges.

Key features:

  • Wireless detection and communication

  • Efficient parking occupancy measurement and overstay detection

  • Real-time parking spot status

  • Reliable detection in all weather conditions

  • Less demanding installation compared to competing solutions

  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure

Radar Parking Sensor (RPS) is a fully autonomous and wireless parking sensor enhanced with a dual housing. The patented magnetometer in combination with radar technology enables reliable accuracy of vehicle detection. The RPS, which comes in two different models (LoRa and NB IoT), can send parking data directly to the Cloud platform. The built-in battery backed by an intelligent power management system guarantees long life, with minimal maintenance. The integrated Bluetooth Low Energy communication module makes the system easily expandable and helpful.


  • 99% accurate detection

  • Sensor is resistant to all weather conditions

  • Ability to use different data transmission technologies

  • Cloud platform

  • Plug and Play

  • Vandalism proof


  • For open and closed parking spaces

  • Navigation to the nearest unoccupied parking space

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