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Simple, Plug&Play system called Entrymo, designed to make it
easier for all companies to keep records of the working hours
of their employees.

Key features:

  • Communication via NB-IoT for forwarding data to online

  • Two ways for power supply (USB-C or via battery)

  • Easy integration to existing infrastructure

  • Portable and resistant for outdoor use

  • 2 available versions (Work and Control)

What makes this system unique is the transfer of information to the Cloud using the NB-IoT network. Through the Internet browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), the owners and
employees of the company can at any time see the number of working hours worked in a day, week or month.

It is very easy to use - the device is mounted on the wall with the corresponding bracket and connected to the power
outlet. The device installed in this way will send employee registration data using RFID cards to the Entrymo platform and, if necessary, open the door to authorized users without additional infrastructure.


This system is easy to apply and can be installed on different locations. For example, if a company has a separate facility at a location other than the company's  headquarters, the system consolidates the data into a common platform, and the device will forward the data to the Internet wherever it is located.

The appearance of the device itself consists of 6 defined keys accompanied by a place to log in via card and a QR code
to access the mobile application. Each key has its own defined event:
• Arriving at work - Leaving work
• Business output - Private output
• Lunch - Special (customizable event)


  • User-programmed operating time

  • Motion detector to automatically adjust the brightness level

  • Sensor for adjusting the lighting in relation to weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.)


  • Factories and isolated facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Mobile workers
  • Offices and shops
  • Control of access to entrances and courtyards
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