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We give you an efficient solution for managing your parking in real-time

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Integrated solution


The key component of our system is MOBILISIS Radar Parking Sensor (RPS). That is an autonomous wireless sensor - a compact and easy to deploy device for monitoring single parking spots. Together with Smart parking Cloud it gives a complete parking management solution integrating multiple technologies to deliver the most advanced parking system available today. It does not require additional software installation as the interface is easily accessible using a web browser.

RPS is easily implemented into any existing car park management system. Parking occupancy information is used to guide drivers to the nearest unoccupied parking spot, thus increasing traffic flow in cities and decreasing pollution.

Easy integration with existing infrastructure

Fast, accurate and reliable vehicle detection regardless of traffic, weather and surface conditions

Wireless detection and communication

Operates without nodes or gateways

Easy data visualization using Cloud based interface

Snowplow resistant

Vandalism proof

Flush mount installation


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We are working on big global projects with partners from public and private sector

Parking in Dubrovnik, one of the world's top tourism destinations with over 1.2 million visitors a year, is not a challenge anymore. We implemented 1900 Narrowband IoT sensors on the streets of the city, and it now represents one of the largest smart parking projects in the world created with this number of sensors on the NB-IoT network

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