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Dear partners,

more than a year has passed since Mobilisis d.o.o. joined the SICK Group. This merger enabled SICK to advance important competencies in wireless connectivity of industrial IoT devices and advanced fleet management systems. Also, our long-standing competences are complementing SICK's cloud solutions and digital services. Our goal is to create wireless connections between data from various sensors and cloud platforms, making a major contribution to faster connection of the world of IT and operational technology.

By sharing our expertise, our employees have become members of already well-established global teams within the group. Changing the name and visual identity brings us even greater competitiveness and recognition on the global market. On the regional market, we maintain our position as a leading provider of Fleet Management services and continue to develop innovative sensor systems, complete solutions and connected cloud applications for digital location systems in the context of Industry 4.0 and digitalization of business processes.

We bridge the gap between sensors and IT and are integrated into the client's ecosystem at the object and process level. We continue to offer our partners professional consulting, partnership and project management. An agile approach and regional presence set us apart from the competition, and we assume the responsibility of managing the entire life cycle of implemented solutions.

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