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Corporate teams

Andreja Zimić - Head of Accounting

I joined SICK Mobilisis as Head of Accounting just after Mobilisis became part of the SICK Group, which lead to not only numerous changes, but opportunities as well. My first task was to align the processes and financial reports of our subsidiary with the guidance of the SICK Group and in compliance with Croatian law and regulations. We met that goal quickly and continuously apply further changes in business and reporting.

My team is responsible for complete financial accounting – bookkeeping, payroll, analysis, budgeting, preparation of internal and external reports, etc. As we strive to digitalize our processes as much as possible, we implemented SAP and best accounting practices in our operations. My motivation is to make business processes faster, more precise, and automated.

One of my favorite experiences at SICK Mobilisis is last year's Family Day. In addition to other activities, there was a magicians’ performance. My children talked about it for days afterwards and wanted to go to work with me. They still believe that we have such a fun time every day.


Ivana Skupnjak - Quality Manager

I started working at Mobilisis in 2010 on various administrative tasks. I got into system management when we were implementing ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, and today I hold the role of Quality Manager.

My main task is the establishment and implementation of the quality and environmental management system. This includes defining procedures and guidelines, supervising their application, meeting deadlines, conducting internal and participating in external audits, etc. I also manage information security, GDPR and support other departments regarding these topics. I have autonomy in setting my priorities, completing work tasks and must constantly keep up with new standards and legal regulations, which encourages me to continuously develop professionally.

What I value the most at SICK Mobilisis is the care for employee’s wellbeing, especially the flexibility that allows me to balance my work and private life. There is also a relationship of mutual loyalty between the employee and employer - despite the growth and success of the company, many of the colleagues I work with today are the same ones I worked with when I was first employed.

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