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Parking is a nightmare, but there is a solution...

NarrowBand Parking Sensor

NarrowBand Parking Sensor

Pinpoint detection

Unrivaled connectivity

Robustness and reliability

NarrowBand Parking Sensor (NBPS) is a fully autonomous wireless parking sensor. Its compact form factor and ease of deployment make it a versatile solution for the cities of tomorrow. The patented dual magnetometer technology enables reliable and accurate vehicle detection. Utilizing a NarrowBand Cellular network, the sensor is capable of transmitting parking data directly to the Internet, without a need for any gateways or hubs. That, in turn, lowers the total cost of ownership.

Pinpoint detection

NarrowBand Parking Sensor

Dual magnetometer technology

Intelligent power management

Multi band NB module

As with most solutions, each parking spot is equipped with a sensor tasked with detecting vehicles in that spot. Traditionally, magnetic-based parking sensors relied on disturbances in the natural magnetic field caused by parked vehicles. However, some vehicles create stronger disturbances, which can cause false detections on nearby parking spots. To cope with that issue, NBPS uses patented dual magnetometer measurement system which eliminates a majority of false positive or false negative detections. Such decrease in a number of false detections yields up to 98% detection rate, regardless of any possible obstructions, such as dirt, snow or debris.

An onboard battery, backed by intelligent power management system, guarantees a long operational lifetime, with minimal maintenance. The sensor uses a high-performance NB-IoT module which supports multiple frequency bands of B8/B20 with extremely low power consumption.

Unrivaled connectivity

NarrowBand Parking Sensor




NB-IoT is a standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology developed to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services. Use of NB-IoT significantly improves the power consumption of the sensor. Furthermore, NB-IoT enables sensors to directly connect to the Internet, thus eliminating the need for any other infrastructure on site.

Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy communication module makes the system easily expandable and serviceable. Using a direct connection from a smartphone, the sensor can easily be configured using a proprietary app.

Smart parking Cloud is a complete parking management solution integrating multiple technologies to deliver the most advanced parking system available today. Requiring no additional software installation as the interface is easily accessible using a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. All sensors, along with their real-time data, are visualized within the web interface.


NarrowBand Parking Sensor

Easy installation

Quick activation

Vandalism proof

Sensors are delivered in an inactive state (deep sleep mode), thus conserving battery life during transport and storage. The sensors are activated and configured using an Android device via a Bluetooth connection. Both flush and surface mounting solutions are supported. Once active, the sensor is capable of wirelessly communicating with a server via the NBIoT cellular network on various bands. Each sensor comes pre-installed with a SIM card supporting local carrier.


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Technical specifications

Product datasheet


NarrowBand IoT, Short-range communication

NB IoT band

Band 1, Band 3, Band 5, Band 8, Band 20, Band 28

Detection method

Differential magnetic

Short-range communication capability

Communication with external devices for identification and maintenance

Power supply

2x Li-SOCl2 lithium battery


3.6 V


7.2 Ah


Flush and surface mounting solutions

Snow plough resistant


Detection accuracy rate





30,5 mm x 30,5 mm x 198,0 mm


170 g

Ingress Protection




Operating temperature

-20…+75 ̊C

Storage temperature

-40…+85 ̊C

SIM card*

3FF Micro SIM / Embedded SIM (eUICC)

*SIM cards should be delivered before production by NB-IoT network provider

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