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Product Management & Sales

Marin Sraga - Head of Direct Sales

I am the Head of Direct Sales at SICK Mobilisis. My most important role is managing the entire sales process for key accounts and finding new clients. I lead sales meetings and presentations and am in constant communication with the R&D team. I also work closely with Installation Services and Customer Support departments.


What I value most at SICK Mobilisis is the autonomy I have in work, trust from superiors and colleagues, and many “small” benefits that allow me to balance my work and private life. My dedication and results have always been recognized and rewarded, which encourages me for further professional development.


In my work, I am motivated by a job well done. Some of the highlights of my career are the cooperation with HT, INA, and Croatian Forests.


Customer focus is the key to our success. Our product managers and sales specialists are in constant communication with all stakeholders and ensure that our innovative products and services provide outstanding customer benefits.


Antonela Brleković
Project Manager – Location Solutions

I started my career at SICK Mobilisis with an internship in procurement and was hired as Business Analyst after I’ve completed my studies. When Mobilisis joined SICK, many new possibilities opened up, including my current role of Project Manager for Location Solutions. The scope of customer projects, knowledge pool and my network of contacts also expanded a lot.


My main task is managing R&D projects, which means coordinating tasks within the team, taking care of documentation and reports, improving business processes, and ensuring that customer requirements and deadlines are met. My job also includes daily communication and cooperation with colleagues around the world. We develop real-time localization systems based on UWB technology, as well as solutions for material flow digitalization and process optimization.


I never feel monotony in my work - every project is different and requires adaptation to the client's needs. I am motivated by process optimization, not only for our clients, but also regarding business processes within the company. There is no "traditional" hierarchy at SICK Mobilisis. I can talk openly with everyone, and my opinion will always be respected.


Kristijan Kanižaj
Product Manager – Integration Devices

I have been with Mobilisis almost since its foundation. The first position I worked at was in the installation services department, but at that time most of us were doing multiple jobs, so I was also involved in sales. Currently I am Product Manager in the Integration Devices team.

My areas of expertise are telematic devices and wireless technology. The latest developments in this area include edge-based architectures, wireless standards for AI-enabled IoT devices, and solutions specific to Industry 4.0. My task is to create a portfolio of new wireless edge devices – devices that forward information collected by industrial sensors to on-premise servers or the cloud. I am in constant contact with different stakeholders, collecting their feedback and forwarding it to the development team so that our products can be successfully placed on the market.

I am an electronics enthusiast. I work on DIY projects with new technologies in my spare time, and this love motivates me in my work as well. My desire is to bring a passion for technology closer to our clients.

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