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R&D and IT

Zvonko Bočkaj - R&D Manager – Integration Devices

I started my career at Mobilisis in 2012 as a Hardware Developer, and when we joined SICK in 2022, I became R&D Manager for the Integration Devices team. Being part of SICK, the quality and organization of work were raised to a higher level.


Today, I spend most of my time leading an R&D team and organizing the development process. I also work on embedded device concepts and manage projects. Our team develops wireless edge devices for industrial automation. We strive to implement the latest technologies on the market, such as 5G and WiFi 6E.


Our team has the "ownership" of the devices we develop, meaning full responsibility for their development and success. The development process can take years, so what motivates and satisfies me the most is the release of a finished device. My favorite release so far has been the TDC-E, and I believe that the next version of the TDC will be even more successful.


Berislav Skupnjak - Research & Innovation Manager

I am one of the co-founders of Mobilisis and have had many roles in leading the software development team over the years. Since we joined SICK, I have taken on the role of Research & Innovation Manager.


I lead a software development team which is currently working on projects related to computer vision, AI, machine learning, etc. I believe that technology has immense potential to improve our lives, and the solutions we develop help companies become more efficient, sustainable and profitable.


In my work I am motivated the most by the development of solutions that are new on the market or are significantly better than the competition, and at SICK Mobilisis I have found the ideal environment to utilize my creativity and realize my ambitions. Together with colleagues from all over the world, we are building a future where innovation knows no bounds.

Zlatko Gatering - DevOps Engineer

I have around twenty years of experience in software development. I always wanted to work in the field of IoT though, and my desire was met when I joined Mobilisis in 2018. Since then, I worked as a Senior Software Developer on several projects and led a development team. I wanted to learn more about IT infrastructure, networking, and cloud technologies, so at the beginning of last year I joined the newly formed CloudOps team.

Our goal is to enable development teams to focus on software solutions, without having to worry about infrastructure and network limitations, deployment, monitoring, pipelines, etc. We advise them and prepare the environment for application operation. We work according to the principle of infrastructure as code, and use technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Grafana, Rancher, etc.

I could not have wished for a better team or workplace. Nowhere have I met more approachable people than at SICK. I can talk to everyone on an equal footing, regardless of their position. The knowledge pool and experience available to us within SICK is enormous and an excellent foundation for the development of all employees.


Damjan Hrgar - Mobile Software Engineer

My collaboration with Mobilisis began 10 years ago with a student internship. Those were the beginnings of mobile development in the company, and a few years ago I took on the role of team lead. We develop mobile applications for Location Solutions and other IoT platforms. The technologies we use in our work are primarily Android native and Flutter.

I like to keep up with the latest technologies on the market and use them in my work. The culture at SICK Mobilisis is motivating and innovative. Colleagues and superiors are always cooperative and understanding of other people. Some of my favorite memories since working at SICK Mobilisis are of sailing trips with my colleagues.

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