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SpotiOffice brings information to life with text and striking graphics by using electronic ink display with low-power consumption. It is the new most innovative way of displaying important information indoor.

SpotiOffice is a smart device that eases display of important information in offices.

It is easy to use and the electronic ink display shows information that updates in real-time.

It is able to show text or a simple graphics and it does not consume power until it is ordered to change information that is shown.
It is guaranteed a long service life with minimal maintenance because its simplicity.

It uses a battery to power itself so there will be no unnecessary cables that take up space.


Key features:

  • Electronic ink display

  • Simple installation

  • Powered by a Li-Ion 24 ah or 20 ah battery

  • IP65 protection


  • Very low power consumption based on size of the screen

  • Very easy to use

  • Several different screen sizes

  • Can be used out in the open

  • Some version can be powered by a solar panel


  • Indoor

  • Outdoor

  • Walls

  • Office

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