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Entrymo is a new platform of access and identity management systems and solutions for wide application in indoor and outdoor business premises or the environment of the company or employee work environment.

Key features:

  • Records of working hours
  • Work and movement supervision of employees indoors and outdoors

  • Passage control of people and movable objects (vehicles, machines, etc.)

  • Mobile application for easy access to data


The system for monitoring work and movement is an application that displays the performance of employees according to defined parameters. From the data on the speed of movement, the system calculates whether the employee is in a vehicle, on a motorcycle or a bicycle, or he is doing work on foot. This information shows the distance traveled, the percentage of ascent, descent or movement on level ground, time spent in a room, zone or geolocation, such as a maid in the room she cleans, a street cleaner she maintains, a covered parcel or flyer area, time construction worker carried out on the construction site and the like. In addition to performance information, devices have the ability to display status information using buttons on the device or critical automatic notifications, such as a fall from a height or inability to perform an activity.

The access control system allows access and identifies people and things. In this way, it is possible to automatically manage doors and passages, enable entry into the company's or yard space, limit the passage at specific times of the day, enable various levels of passage permits within the company and its surroundings and separate plants. Combined with fixed UHF RFID readers with multiple ports for long-range antennas designed to control passage and identity and property detection such as machinery, forklifts, business and private vehicles, the system takes care of the prohibition of unauthorized passage. The system is resistant to electromagnetic interference, ready for use in applications for parking and garage management, archives and libraries, industrial plants and the like. The system detects RFID tags for various purposes such as stickers, cards, plates or bracelets.

  • Easy to learn and use the device

  • Easy integration of data into the company's existing infrastructure

  • Compatible with Mobilisis Fleet application and data collected from the vehicle fleet

  • Portable and resistant devices for outdoor use

  • Communication via NB-IoT or GPRS and WiFi networks for data transmission to the internet


  • Factories and isolated facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Mobile workers
  • Offices and shops
  • Control of access to entrances and courtyards
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